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Bakery Treatz

bakery treatz

Address: #75 Rodney Road, Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
Views: 12888
City: Chaguanas
Country: N/A
Contact No: +1-868-721-2253
Fax: N/A
Owner/Manager: Michelle Sohan
Products/Services: Bread, Desserts, Pastries, Specialty Cakes, Party  Foods  Bread  Cakes  
Experience: Established
Certification Type: N/A
Issued By: N/A
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Company name:bakery treatz
Location of Registration :Trinidad and Tobago
Company Operational Address : #75 Rodney Road, Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
City :Chaguanas
Country : Trinidad and Tobago
Main Products:Bread,Desserts,Pastries,Cakes,Party Supplies
Other Products:Currants rolls ,Signature pastries,Cheese'n'onio
Company Registered :N/A
Total No. Employees :N/A
Website Url :
Social Media Urls :N/A
Social Media Urls :N/A
Legal Owner: Michelle Sohan
Office Size : N/A
Company Advantages : N/A
Tel. Phone Number : +1-868-721-2253
Fax No. : N/A
Email Address. : N/A
Product Services:Bread, Desserts, Pastries, Specialty Cakes, Party

Bakery Treatz was established in 2003, by Michelle Sohan, in her home community of Chaguanas. With a tenacious drive to succeed, a passion for cake decorating, and recognizing the need for more healthy products, she started offering a range of breads and pastry products made from scratch with no preservatives or softeners, no artificial colors, and less fat than normal pastry would contain. Desserts and cakes were always a focus, and led to an expansion of the bakery, to offer complete party supplies, making Bakery Treatz a one-stop party shop.

In 2010, the store expanded into specialty cakes, making special occasions even more unique with cakes that only were limited by our customer's imagination.

About: A mix of traditional recipes, new concepts and great tastes...come by anyday, even on public holidays. We are more than just bread and pastries!

Mission: We have one simple mission: Provide the best products, with the best service!

Description: Bread, Desserts, Pastries, Specialty Cakes, Party Supplies, Cake Decorating Supplies, Helium Balloons

Products: We have a wide array of freshly baked goods including traditional favorites like: Pone sweet bread currants rolls - signature pastries: cheese'n'onion, chicken marinara, spinach and mushroom twists.

Desserts: Wide variety- cupcakes (customizable), all sorts of pastries, truffles, brownies, and much more!

Specialty cakes: We are very proud to be the pioneers of the development and continued growth of specialty cakes in Trinidad, with no boundaries other than our customers’ imaginations! We have created cakes that incorporate motion, lights, sounds and a wow factor that compares to none! Check our photos, and remember, these are customised cakes, so we can design to meet your style and budget! Edible tokens for weddings also available. For all customised cake enquiries, please feel free to email us and include photos and any other information such as serving amounts, sizes, flavours and budget. 


Facebook: Bakery Treatz

Instagram: #bakerytreatz


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